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Dear CEO, HR or wellness personnel,


Thanks for visiting our website. We would like to offer your company a FREE health fair for in as well as offer these health fairs all across the U.S.. The reason we are able to offer a FREE health fairs is because we are solely supported from the participating healthcare professionals and vendors.  We also have professional hearing, vision, nutrition, fitness and health product companies that offer great products and which will add excitement and fun to the event. Most importantly, health professionals that sign up to be our vendors for health fairs will come from communities usually within 5 to 10 miles of each of your corporate locations.  


It usually takes about 1 to 2 months to set up a Health Fair event, so as soon as you get a chance, please give me a call at 1-800 GET WELL.  The call should last no longer than about 10-15 minutes and we can discuss setting up dates and locations.


If you want to look at some of the events we have done recently, check out this website. Event images are at this link: http://www.pictureperfecthealth.com/healthfairmanagement.htm. Please click on the following link to see the event posters we created for these events: http://www.pictureperfecthealth.com/portfolio.htm


Recently, we ran full service health fairs and "How is your health™" workshops for thousands of employees of companies such as GE Healthcare, Continental Airlines and Quest Diagnostics, to name a few and they were all huge successes! 


We can also offer your employees our "How is your Health" series of workshops, which are also FREE because of vendor sponsorship. 


Here is a list of our evidence-based wellness workshops:


How is your Body?
How is your Sleep?
How is your Stress? 
How is your Heart?
How is your Pain?
How is your Back?
How is your Diet?
How is your Flexibility? 
How is your Mind? 
How is your Blood? 
How is your Immune System?


NEW!! Just added new evidenced-based workshops

How are your Joints?
How are your Feet?
How are your Teeth?




In addition, in the future, you may want to set up onsite medical testing, where your employees can get a variety of preventative services and where you can get aggregate reporting which could help save your company 10's of thousands of dollars every year!


Please call us if you have any questions at 1-800 GET WELL (1-800-438-9355).  We can also offer you FREE online registration for the event and offer many raffle prizes for your employees that participate in the online registration process.


We will also customize a poster for your company, give you email blasts to increase employee participation and give you information for you internal newsletters.


We look forward to working with you in providing your employees with the tools and strategies that will help them take charge of their health for years to come. Let's not forget, your goal is also to save your company money and we will help you do that too!


Dr. Eric Feintuch
Picture Perfect Health, LLC.
1-800-GET WELL, 1800-438-9355