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Extraordinary programs and events, that helps your business take care

one of its most important assets, your employees.

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Health Fair Management
Evidenced Based Workshops
12 Steps To Wellness
Walk Safe/ Heart Safe
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Custom Health Fair Management is our specialty,

just point us where you want the event and leave the rest to us.


Call us at 1-800-GET WELL (438-9355)

Check out a health fair we ran for


in New Jersey

with over 2500 employees.


We have run events for Quest throughout the country and the goal is to get employees involved and engaged in wellness concepts and teach them new ways to get healthy.

Registration is fun and organized.
A line forms immediately. but, we will make sure no one waits too long.
Eye Exams are offered
Walk Safe Participants get ready to walk at Quest's NY location
Free Consultations begin, food samples are given out and let the fun begin!
Chiropractic Exams and evaluations
Conference Rooms are filled to talk about health and wellness topics all around the building.
Bone Density Tests are being explained at GE Healthcare
Massage and foot rubs are just one of the perks of doing a health fair. This is from the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, in Maryland. What have you done for your employees lately?