Picture Perfect Health

Picture Perfect Health, LLC.
Extraordinary programs and events, that helps your business take care

one of its most important assets, your employees.

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What makes us special

About Picture Perfect Health, LLC

A message from the CEO of Picture Perfect Health,

Dr. Eric Feintuch:


Picture Perfect Health, is a company with health professionals

from all over the world and representing dozens of healthcare professions,

coming together for one purpose,

"to empower and create wellness strategies for companies."


Being healthy is a gift that isn't enjoyed by everyone.


How do your employees picture perfect health?

Is it just an after thought, or is it part of your corporate culture?


Is "WELLNESS" being able to work without pain or

is it something more than that?


We see visualization and planning in just about everything, whether it be how an Olympic athlete prepares to run a race or a company executive gets ready for a big meeting. When it comes to getting well and staying well,

why not put the same amount of planning and thought into it?


To picture perfect health is to begin the process of

creating a wellness strategy for your life and to help employees take responsiblity for the choices they make.


Call us at 1-800-GET WELL (1-800-438-9355) now,

to discuss your company's needs.


Maybe more importantly,

we need to discuss your company's perception of wellness

and the cost of not creating a wellness program for your employees.


Are you presently creating documented proof that your

wellness programs are working?"


If the answer is NO, call us to discuss

how we can help you start doing it now!


1-800 GET WELL (1-800-438-9355)




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