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Extraordinary programs and events, that helps your business take care

one of its most important assets, your employees.

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What makes us special
1000 employees get checked at Quest Diagnostics
Continental Airlines chooses Picture Perfect Health, LLC
Town of Wake Forest asks for help doing Wellness Iniatives
GE Healthcare Technologies chooses Picture Perfect Health, LLC
Event management in all 50 states of the U.S.

Picture Perfect Health's Walk Safe™ program is invited to participate for the Town of Wake Forest in North Carolina.

Dr. Joe Criscoula helps screen over 40 employees for heart flexibility number for the employees on the Town of Wake Forest.

Heart flexibility number is a great indicator for predicting risks associated with starting a walking program.

Employess also participated in an procedure called the Flex and Stretch™ program that measures the liklihood of injuries to your lower back and creates a workable solution and program to prevent those kinds of injuries.